Attack and Defend — Hacker Attacks Are Out!

18.04.2019 at 19:42 RJ 12161

Now you are fully able to lay your hands on someone else’s site! The website hack feature has become available from Level 13. Find your target in the ratings, go to their profile and give your employee a task to hack them.

It goes without saying that you need a really good programmer for a task like this. Their skills level will determine how long it will take them to find security holes, and how many vulnerabilities they will find.
If you ask your employees to do such illegal things too often, they will refuse. They can be persuaded, though each time it will be more and more expensive.

With a successful hack, you can remove the website’s ads, steal content, reduce search traffic and hosting limit, set a link, or steal some of the traffic.

A vulnerability is active during a certain time period, if you don’t use it while it’s available, the admin site will spot the hole and the vulnerability will go inactive.

Note that you cannot hack too many different sites or do it too often. Site admins are on the alert, and if you overuse vulnerabilities, they will notice the threat and protect their sites against you.

If, as a site owner, you are afraid that your sites might be hacked, you can buy a firewall in the shop and have your sites protected.

This is the third combat mechanic from what we have planned.

There is a slight inconvenience, though: if you forget the site you hacked, you will either have to search for it manually through the ratings or remember the link. However, in the near future, we will add the Darknet section, where you will be able to see all the illegal activities and use new combat mechanics.

In addition, we rolled out a few minor fixes yesterday:

  • The game no longer offers to complete tasks ahead of time for 0 webcoins.
  • The update system for the Android app has been improved. The game will now update the app version on its own with no actions required on your side.
  • When searching for a resume, the system will correctly exchange webcoins for webdollars if there is not enough money on your account.
  • The hosting limit notice now appears only once.

This update also includes performance fixes, which will help resolve the issues with tasks lagging in the game.