Update from March 28

28.03.2019 at 19:12 RJ 21

Today we have released a new update that will affect prices in the game bank and has some issues fixed.

Price Change

We have updated prices for gadgets and other items such as slots. On average, things got cheaper now.

For example, the price for a 12-hour auto publisher has dropped from 25 webcoins to 10 webcoins. 
Early access to a new hosting service with a 25,000 limit is now 16 webcoins instead of 64 webcoins.
And that’s for almost all items. To see the new prices, refresh the shop page.

Issues Fixed

  • Lagging chat and duplicate messages in there are now fixed
  • Buff calculation for popular website topics has been corrected
  • free domain debuff after Level 13 now works properly

Testing Program Is Finished

A lot of our players installed our Android app while it was still being tested. And those who did actually took part in the beta testing. We finish supporting the beta version and therefore, its work might be unstable. If you installed the app before, you now need to quit the testing program.

For this:

  • Remove the game
  • Search for Web Tycoon on Google Play. In the template, there will be a “beta version” sign
  • Find the “You are taking part in the beta testing program” and choose “Quit”
  • Make sure that the “beta version” sign is gone
  • Install the game again
  • That’s it — now you will be getting new updates when they are released.


iOS Game Updated to Version 1.1

In brief, the game has the following fixes:

  • Network interaction for preventing game crushes has been improved
  • The game no longer freezes when there’s no internet connection
  • Other minor improvements