Update from April 9

9.04.2019 at 19:12 RJ 1322

Today we have released a small update which is meant to fix the following issues:

  • Direct traffic now works correctly when a website is restored from inactive
  • Page scrolling with the open pop-up windows in mobile apps has been fixed 
  • When connecting auto payments, salary debts are now paid off automatically
  • A free domain debuff after Level 13 now works properly
  • Login via Facebook has been fixed in iOS. We are waiting for the update to be reviewed by Apple

Today we also plan to release a fix that will resolve the issue with the raccoon showing up all the time. This week, we also expect to add website hacks and long-term competitions to the game.

In addition, the awards for best sites and players in the leaderboards are already being developed. We will share more details in our next posts.